No Joking Matter | UMBC Industry News
remote learning

UMBC’s Learning and Performance Technology Graduate Program is one of UMBC’s most established graduate programs. It helps prepare students to design, deliver, support, and measure training, learning, and performance within organizations and classrooms.

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Supporting Remote Employees | UMBC Industry News
health IT student

This past week, UMBC’s I/O Psychology Graduate program hosted a free webinar with leading I/O and HR experts to discuss Managing Talent During COVID-19. In today’s Industry News, we take a look at ways managers can support employees while working remotely and some cool tech and science news.

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Scientific Wonders | UMBC Industry News
abstract scientific wonder

We learned this week that UMBC researchers have sped up analysis of Arctic ice and snow data through AI. It’s this kind of scientific work that showcases the innovative spirit of UMBC. In today’s industry news, we take a look at several scientific wonders that highlight the same innovative spirit of scientists doing important work.

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A Brand New World | UMBC Industry News
UMBC Campus

Ten UMBC speakers had the opportunity to share their stories about the world at the student-organized TEDxUMBC virtual event. The theme of the event was “Unmasking Uncertainty” and surprisingly was dreamed up before COVID-19 surged globally.

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Cyber Hacks | UMBC Industry News
cyber hacks on a laptop

Networked technologies integrate into every aspect of society, business, and government. This presents innumerable opportunities for adversaries to disrupt modern society. And UMBC’s Cybersecurity Graduate Programs prepares its students to respond to such disruptions.

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