Careers in STEM | UMBC Industry News
Scientist working in a lab.

UMBC has recently launched a Biotech Boot Camp to train workers displaced by COVID-19 for in-demand jobs in the Biotechnology field. In today’s Industry News, we take a look at how careers in the STEM field like that of Biotech and other sciences are booming.

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No Joking Matter | UMBC Industry News
remote learning

UMBC’s Learning and Performance Technology Graduate Program is one of UMBC’s most established graduate programs. It helps prepare students to design, deliver, support, and measure training, learning, and performance within organizations and classrooms.

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Supporting Remote Employees | UMBC Industry News
health IT student

This past week, UMBC’s I/O Psychology Graduate program hosted a free webinar with leading I/O and HR experts to discuss Managing Talent During COVID-19. In today’s Industry News, we take a look at ways managers can support employees while working remotely and some cool tech and science news.

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