Cyber Hacks | UMBC Industry News
cyber hacks on a laptop

Networked technologies integrate into every aspect of society, business, and government. This presents innumerable opportunities for adversaries to disrupt modern society. And UMBC’s Cybersecurity Graduate Programs prepares its students to respond to such disruptions.

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The Art of Failing Up | [PODCAST]
art of failing

“Failing is a stepping stone to progress,” says UMBC graduate faculty instructor, Dr. John J. Johnson, IV. Behind every success story is a story of where someone learned a lesson and grew stronger from that.

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Health IT in a Pandemic World | UMBC Industry News
Health Tech Data

UMBC’s Master’s in Health Information Technology program prepares experienced working professionals to fill a range of opportunities within the health care profession. This is especially important in today’s current pandemic and tomorrow’s post pandemic environment when accuracy and efficiency are critical.

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