Blue Orchard Bee to the Rescue | UMBC Industry News
UMBC community garden

The UMBC Community Garden was founded by students in 2014 and includes research plots, a regenerative permaculture food forest, and a bee hive. Committed to sustainability and green space, UMBC continues to be a source of conservationist inspiration. In this week’s Industry Roundup, we take a peek into the world of bees and how they are […]

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The New Cyberspace | UMBC Industry News

UMBC’s Cybersecurity Graduate Program Director, Richard Forno, recently wrote an article in The Conversation about a new cyberspace target in weaponized information.  In this week’s Industry Roundup, we delve into the idea of how tools can be used to target people’s perceptions and thought processes.

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The Stuff of Smartphones | UMBC Industry News

UMBC’s graduate certificate program in Integrated Product Development and Manufacturing provides students a unique, hands-on experience with a selection of fabrication tools for an improved understanding of the capability of each manufacturing process.  In this week’s Industry Roundup, we delve into the product world as we take a look at the wondrous material that product […]

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Planet-Seeking Spacecraft | UMBC Industry News

UMBC’s BUILD a Bridge to STEM internship program offers students an opportunity to work in small teams to tackle real world research questions. In this week’s Industry Roundup we take a look at how Northrop Grumman’s research in outer space is challenging scientists to ask important questions so as to get life-impacting answers, too.

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